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  • "Pick up and knit" — Go boldly where no knitting was before!

    Create new stitches on your knitted edge?! It’s really like magic. 

    This is a technique that’s handy for making button bands on cardigans, for a ribbed neckline, or for certain types of modular knitting. 

    It might sound daunting, but we’ve got some tips and tricks to make this manageable so you’ll be picking up stitches like a champ in no time!

  • Miles of cruise control knitting ahead?

    You’ve split the sleeves on your sweater and now it’s time to settle in for a loooooong stretch of sweater body. You (likely) don’t have to pay much attention to your pattern during this phase. Need some ideas for how to occupy your attention? Read on for some of our favorite podcasts and bingeworthy TV shows to keep you entertained while you're on cruise control.

  • Mistakes happen. What to do about them?

    You’re watching All Creatures Great and Small and you unintentionally join both fronts of your Ramona cardigan about 9” down from the neck (plunging neckline anyone?), and just keep knitting in the round, totally absorbed by the fantastic knitwear on the screen — not to mention the mossy stone walls — until you realize you were actually knitting a cardigan and not a pullover. (True story, it was an easy fix.)

    So what to you do when you spot a mistake?

  • Ramona KAL — Pattern FAQs

    Bookmark this post for the Ramona Knit Along!

    We thought it would be good to have one blog post to warehouse all your Ramona questions — and our answers. If you’ve got a question, chances are that others might be wondering the same thing. Keep checking back here, as we will  be adding more to this post as the weeks go along.

  • What's a raglan sweater anyway?

    New video alert!

    Raglan, top-down sweater? What the heck does it mean?! If you're joining us for the Ramona KAL in 2023, this is the method for both cardigans and the pullover.

    A raglan, top-down sweater is one of the fundamental vocabularies of sweater design. In this video Iris shows us the big picture of how a raglan is constructed.

  • Knitting your first big project? Start with our recipe for success!

    Starting a big knitting project?

    When you embark on a bigger knitting project, it's kind of like making a delicious meal with high-quality ingredients — you need the right recipe (pattern), the best ingredients (yarn and needles), and you might need to learn a few new techniques. 

    This post walks you through the basics of project planning, so you can get organized and set yourself up for success! It's like a virtual version of the conversation we'd have in the shop with you. Read on for our recommendations!

  • Take your yarn on a date — how swatching is sexy.

    We're here to tell you why we love a hot date with yarn. 

    It's easy to feel the passion and pull of a new project, you're so in love, you daydream about your pattern all the time, and you've finally found the McDreamy yarn for it! Why not just elope, cast on those stitches and run away together?!

    We’ve been there and it’s so tempting to get swept up in that passionate moment! 

    You. Just. Want. To. Cast. On! ...But is it a match made in heaven? Or is it destined for frustration, tears, and maybe even therapy?

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  • Wintertime Sweater Knitting and a bit of a reset.

    It is prime knitting season here in Maine and I am taking full advantage. I am about to start the second sleeve of my Ruska sweater and I am excited to think I will be wearing it soon!
  • Our Year in Yarn 2021

    As I look out at the fresh fallen snow from the cozy warmth of my knitting chair, a crackling fire nearby, I reflect upon the many gifts that this...
  • Cocoknits Unboxing!

    Come check out all the goodies from Cocoknits! Plus some new books and a few other fun things.