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Traditional Christmas Stockings Pattern From Yankee Knitter

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Traditional Christmas Stockings


Is there anything more fun than knitting Christmas stockings? They are colorful and put you in the holiday spirit, they don’t have to fit anyone, you only have to knit one instead of a pair and no one ever out grows them…yeah!!!

This pattern includes the instructions and graphs for both stockings. Choose between the Santa, Tree & Reindeer stocking or the Candy Cane, Snowman & Rocking horse stockings or you can always mix and match the graphs however you like!

These stockings are knit flat up to the foot and then the stitches are put on double pointed needles and the foot is knit like a normal sock. They are knit with worsted wt yarn and #8 (5mm) straight needles for the leg and #7 (4.5mm) double pointed needles for the foot. If you’d like your stocking to be a bit larger just go up a needle size on both the leg and foot.

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