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Meridian Quintet Bundle by Seven Sisters Arts

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Color shift yarns are created to be series of colors that work together in a project. The yarn is intentionally dyed so that colors within a set coordinate. A "color shift" is when the colors in the series move or shift from one color to another gradually, the intermediate colors are all related to the two end colors and therefore coordinate. A "tonal shift" is light to dark shades of one color.

Five 50g skeins of Meridian, bundled together are perfect to make shawls, socks or anything that requires multiple colors.

5 Colors, each color is 230 yds. Total 1150 yds

75% superwash merino 25% nylon 

gauge 24 - 30 sts/4" :: needles us 1 - 5

Zinnia Colorway consists of Rhubarb, Beltran, Clematis, Xanthoria, & Bougainvilla

Water Garden Colorway consists of Damselfly, Water Nymph, Northern Lights, Marsh,

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Color: Water Garden