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Essential Color Card Deck: Break out of the Color Wheel with 200 Cards to Mix, Match & Plan! Includes Hues, Tints, Tones, Shades & Values by Joen Wolfrom

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Set yourself free from the color wheel and choose color confidently with this expansive set of coordinated color cards! Compare colors and explore combinations to create unique color schemes that best suit your project. The 200-card deck contains 168 color cards in vibrant Hues, pastel Tints, muted Tones, and rich Shades, along with 8 Value cards, black through gray to white, and 24 brown through beige neutral color cards. Each 2.5" x 4" card has a solid color on the front, and the back includes the color name, color plans (complementary, analogous, split-complementary, and triadic), and a unique color number to help you sort, choose, and explore.

  • Includes RGB / CMYK / HEX codes and a handy color guide with basic color theory and tips for using your Essential Color Card Deck.

  • Based on the best-selling Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool by Joen Wolfrom

  • A fantastic new tool for your color toolbox and a great gift for designers, artists, crafters, quilters, teachers, and everyone who loves color!

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