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Our Year in Yarn 2021

Our Year in Yarn 2021

As I look out at the fresh fallen snow from the cozy warmth of my knitting chair, a crackling fire nearby, I reflect upon the many gifts that this year has brought to our lives. What would we do without yarn?! 

For some, the year has brought joy and abundance, for others, loss and sorrow, though most of us fall somewhere between those extremes. But whatever life brought in 2021, we all shared the pleasure – the centering – that our projects have given us. Through it all, our yarn has been a steadfast friend. We are so grateful to be makers.  

Here at the Cashmere Goat, the year has brought so many good things: our new location, with its excellent light, fabulous out-front parking, plus room for more yarn, books, tools and notions. Our knitters’ table has again become a place for small gatherings of the craft community (all safely-masked participants). We celebrated our first year of the business being under new ownership and we are pleased that so many who loved the former Cashmere Goat have come along with us. We have done our best to honor the original store, while making it our own.

As the holiday season winds down it’s time to plan for what’s next. If you’re like me, you’re looking forward to a mixture of projects and techniques; time to finish some of those old projects to be sure, but the new year also boosts our energies to start something new

Will 2022 be the year you make your first (or fifteenth?) sweater? We’re mulling a KAL for that. Are you interested? Let us know! 

Whatever your yarnie passion, we hope you enjoy the wonder and promise of the year ahead!

See you soon!

Kristin and The Goat team


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Nicole S Recht - January 19, 2022

love the videos!! And knitting on the Schooner Olad, my kid’s Dad’s boat, so great!

Rebecca Ayers - January 19, 2022

What is a KAL?

Abbie McMillen - January 2, 2022

I just visited your new store today and it is fabulous! What a treat. I will be back every time I drive through Camden on my way to or from Portland from Downeast, and now will be able to justify the use of Route 1 rather than Route 3 and I-95.

Abbie McMillen - January 2, 2022

I just visited your new store today, and it’s FABULOUS! What a delight! So many inspiring yarns! And the person at the counter was making the most beautiful thing using the “tuck stitch” which she showed me how to do. I will be back every time I drive through Camden, which I will now manufacture excuses to do.

kep - January 2, 2022

Love a KAL!

Carol - January 2, 2022

Yes! I want to do that triangular thing in the video – what is that? (Obviously, I am very new to knitting!)

linda rice - January 2, 2022

would love a sweater gal!

Cat Lyon - January 2, 2022

With the holidays behind us, I am SO ready for a sweater KAL!❤️

Polly Peters - January 1, 2022

I’d be up for a KAL, too!

Sue Eastler - January 1, 2022

Yes on the KAL! Always interesting and fun!

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