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Goat KAL 101: Everything you ever wanted to know about Knit Alongs at The Goat!

Goat KAL 101: Everything you ever wanted to know about Knit Alongs at The Goat!

Our Goat KALs are about learning, knitting, and building connections with other knitters. It’s that simple. But sometimes there’s real beauty — and joy — in simplicity. 

Maybe it helps to hear some words from KAL participants: 

I’ve learned something each time, I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie with the other knitters in the group, and I just feel like I’m growing as a knitter. (Gwen, NY)

I’m less afraid to try something new if I know I have a group — there’s a lot of knitting wisdom in this group! (Brenda, ME)

Goat KALs are inclusive. Goat KALs are free. We choose patterns that offer a wide range of sizes. We like designs that will appeal to experienced and novice knitters. We love patterns that offer our knitters options for customization. We offer optional weekly meet-ups in the shop for our Local Goats AND on Zoom for our community of Remote Goats.  

We’re not big on rules. This is not a lock-step march to the finish line. We want you to have fun and enjoy yourself, to choose how you want to participate, just like you make choices about the fit of your finished object (shorten the hem, lengthen the sleeve, throw in some stripes, etc). You do you.

So let’s get to it. If you’ve never joined us for a KAL, here’s your primer on what to expect…

How do I find out about when the next KAL will be?
Sign up for our newsletter! This is the best way to stay up on all the KAL (and Goat) news. You can also watch our socials — Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube — we’ll always add announcements there too.

Where do I sign up?
We post information about our KALs on our Events page — which is where you’ll sign up for the KAL. There will be a pop-up that comes up when you land on the page, but if you’ve got a pop-up blocker, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and the form will be there also. 

What happens when I sign up?
You’ll get a welcome email from us! The welcome email will have LOTS of info for you, so be sure you read until the end. You’ll receive a discount code for your yarn for the project, a link to a custom collection of yarns suitable for the project, a link to purchase the pattern, information about how to join us for our in-store and Zoom meet-ups, and some ideas for what to do while you wait for the official launch of the KAL.

From there, you’ll receive weekly KAL emails (in addition to your regular Goat emails). If you don’t find your Welcome email, be sure to check your spam or junk folder. And if you’re a Gmail user, your Goat emails will usually land in your Promotions folder!

Can I sign up late?
Since we’re not big on rules, there’s no deadline to sign up! You can pretty much sign up right up until the KAL concludes. When you sign up late, you’ll get the welcome email immediately, then you’ll receive the weekly emails that were sent before you joined. They should all land in your inbox (or Promotions folder) within a day so you can get all caught up.

Also — the discount on yarn is good up to the very end of the KAL! We have many participants who decide to make a second (or third!) project during the same KAL and the discount still applies. 

What’s the cost to participate in a Goat KAL?
Our Goat KALs are FREE! 

Is the KAL a class?
KALs are not classes, but you’ll definitely learn things! In each KAL email you’ll find tips and tricks or best practices, some of which come from our KAL participants — because knitters like to share the good stuff we discover! 

In your KAL emails, you’ll also get a link to a curated playlist of tutorials on YouTube, specific to the techniques used in the KAL pattern. We often create these tutorials ourselves or will link to videos by other content creators.

If you’re struggling with the pattern or learning a new technique, the optional weekly meet-ups are another way that you’ll find support. Whether on Zoom or in-person, Goat staff (and other KAL participants!) are here to help. You can also email Iris who helps coordinate the KALs if you have questions.

How do the meet-ups work? Do I have to attend?
Meet-ups are optional, informal, and welcoming. Bring your knitting and join us — the company is great and it’s an awesome way to meet some new folks who love knitting.

Our in-person meet-ups happen Sundays at Cashmere Goat at 21 Mechanic Street in Camden, Maine. During the first few weeks of a KAL, you’ll need to sign up to reserve your spot since space is limited and lots of folks want to attend. Your Friday KAL email will include the link to RSVP for the meet-up. Watch for that email!

Our Zoom meet-ups happen on Wednesdays from 5-6pm EST — and there’s always plenty of room. We introduce ourselves at the first kick-off, do a little yarn show-and-tell, tell folks where we’re from, and share our progress (if we’ve made any). During a typical weekly Zoom, your Goat host, Iris, will open it up and ask for any questions from the group. Since there’s such a wealth of wisdom in our Zoom group, there’s always someone or even a few folks who will have an answer or idea! From there we share our work, discuss the pattern, talk about what’s new at The Goat, or chat about other knitworthy topics!

Are the Zooms recorded?
YES! Our weekly Zoom meet-ups are recorded and are then uploaded to the KAL playlist on YouTube. Some folks like to watch the recording of the Zoom to see what the Zoom knitters are up to, hear the questions and answers, or other knitworthy topics we get chatting about. 

I’m not sure I can keep up! What happens if I fall behind?
No stress! No worries! Falling behind is not a “thing” in a Goat KAL. We’ve got all types of knitters who join us for KALs: working and retired folks, new parents, people who work on a lot of projects at once, monogamous knitters, brand new and veteran knitters, fast knitters and slow knitters. There’s truly room for everyone in a Goat KAL. 

I’ve never knit anything but a hat! Would a Goat KAL be too hard for me?
We’re happy to chat with you about your skill level and help you assess whether a KAL design is suitable for you. Often folks think they’re beginners when they’re really not! Our KALs have included first-time sweater knitters and folks who haven’t knit in years.

How do you choose patterns for your KALs?
We honestly agonize over the decision because we want the design to meet some very specific criteria. We have to like it and want to knit it! 

We will often consider some of our knitters and whether the design would appeal to them. It has to be a size inclusive design. It helps if the design — or designs — give our knitters some options. For example, the Ramona KAL offered knitters the Ramona Cardigan (Aran), the Ramona Light (a cardigan in Sport), and the Ramona Pullover (Aran). 

We want the design to be accessible in terms of skills. We’ve got knitters of all skill levels who participate, and since a component of the KAL is social, we want a design that’s not going to be too attention-intensive for too long. But we also don’t want it to be too boring! 

(See how hard this is?!)

Do you have KALs all year long?
In the summer, we’re way too busy in the shop so we take a break from KALs. We host a pretty relaxed summer Finish Along — both in person and on Zoom — where we focus on finishing up some projects that are languishing. It’s a great opportunity to pull out those dusty project bags and get re-motivated!

We love to see your work — no matter when you finish!
One of our KAL traditions at The Goat is our end-of-KAL slideshow. (Here are some examples from The Shift, Schoodic Bay, and the Carbeth KALs.) You’ll be invited to email us photos of your finished or in-process project so we can get it into the slideshow. Sometimes folks don’t finish their projects by the conclusion of the KAL — but we’d still love to see your project when you finish it. Pop by the shop to let us celebrate your finished object, or send an email or DM through Instagram or Facebook.

Come join the fun!
If you’ve read this far — wow and thank you! We hope you’ll join us for our next KAL! 

If you still have some unanswered questions about Goat KALs, feel free to email Iris (KAL coordinator) at
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