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Last year at this time, we tried something new and never-before-attempted at The Goat: a Knit Along. It was new, we were unsure how it would work, we didn't know if the Zoom idea was a good one, and most importantly, we didn't know if YOU'D want to participate.

Well, you DID — from as near as walking distance in Camden to as far as Spain, you’ve hopped on Zoom calls or stopped into the shop for a meet-up, you’ve emailed Iris with questions, you’ve watched our tutorial videos, and read the emails.

We’ve seen you build new skills, take risks with color or techniques, and we’ve adored watching you build connections with other knitters — online and in person.

So let’s get ready for January… and our next Knit Along!

… It’s The Carbeth Quartet!

We're thrilled to announce the January Knit Along: it's The Carbeth Quartet of patterns by Kate Davies! The Knit Along kicks off on January 7th, and we'll once again be hosting optional Zoom and in-person meet-ups.

The four patterns in the Carbeth series have a signature and quite distinctive yoke — yet each one has a little bit of a different flavor and level of challenge. They're all knit from the bottom up.

Why these patterns?

Choice! We love offering our KAL knitters a choice! Among the four patterns, there is a range of difficulty levels. So whether you're looking for a relaxing knit (Carbeth) or a stretch-your-brain-cells knit (Carp-Beth) or something in between (Carbeth Cardigan or Carbeth Swan Dance), you've got options!

A range of sizes. We choose knit along patterns that are designed to be lovely on lots of body sizes and shapes. The Carbeths come in 8 sizes.

It's customizable. Three of the Carbeths are designed to be knit at a cropped length with about 4" of ease. As with all of our KALs, we encourage you to knit the sweater you want to wear — so adjust the length or ease as you see fit!

Quick to knit! These sweaters are knit with Bulky weight yarn, so they're relatively quick knits. The super fun part is when you join the sleeves to the body and then construct the yoke.

How does a Goat KAL work?

Though our KALs are not a "class", we offer you support along the way! In addition to curated online resources to help you master this project, there are optional weekly meet-ups, in the shop and on Zoom.

When you sign up, you’ll receive an email that’s chock-a-block full of info!

  • A special discount for yarn purchased from the Carbeth KAL Collection.
  • Links to purchase the pattern of your choice. 
  • Information about the optional kick-off events!

Once the KAL starts, you'll receive a special KAL email once per week. These emails will include tips, resources, videos, photos, and encouragement from us. And also reminders about our optional meet-ups, both in-store and online via Zoom.

Are you in?

The Carbeth KAL starts January 7th. Sign up here to join us!

Watch the video announcement:

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