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Lang Fatto A Mano 278 Collection Winter 2023/2024

by Berroco
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FAM 278 Collection

Lang Yarns Magazine - Fatto a Mano No. 278 is an autumn and winter magazine for 2023-2024. It is designed for knitting lovers and offers an extensive collection of patterns using Lang Yarns' high quality yarns. Featured yarns include Zen, Yak, Regina, Lambswool, Yoko, Malou Light, Cashmere Dreams, Lace Lame, Mohair, Enya and Delizia, all of which are known for their softness and warmth.

The magazine creates a winter atmosphere, reminiscent of frost covering green grass and glittering snowflakes on frozen plants. The magazine's patterns are inspired by the colors found in nature during this season, such as the frozen green grass or the blue tones of ice.

You will find a wide variety of garments and accessories that come with detailed instructions for knitting sweaters, shawls, jackets, neck warmers, vests, beanies, mittens and other creative ideas. Although most of the patterns are designed for women, you'll also find something for men.

The magazine also provides instructions for knitting a matching beanie and bag set, as well as an original hood that can be combined with different looks.

Which are the features of the Lang Yarns Magazine - Fatto a Mano Nº 278?

  • More than 48 patterns for knitting autumn and winter garments.
  • Jackets, sweaters, shawls, hats, collars, vests, mittens and many other ideas.
  • Patterns for women and men.
  • Magazine available in English, German, French and Dutch.
Alpine Frost

Gradually it is getting cold in the Alps… Frost has settled over the brightly, shining blads of grass in the mountain pastures. Individual snow crystals glisten over the mountain herbs, freezing the plants in a matte, noble mint-green colour. The first snow has descended on the glaciers and the ice shows its deep blue hues in the mountain crevices. Within this colour theme, you will encounter lace designs, charming cable designs and other enchanting looks with a very fresh look. These classical designs are sometimes a bit oversized, but absolutely contemporary. The cold becomes our friend, lets us be and calls us to act. Winter motivates us to go to new places in nature, to move and to perceive colours anew with its icy joy.

Below Zero

This winter we are heading towards the zero point of meaningfulness. Vivid hues of blue give us confidence in the ever-present changes of life. The creatures under water follow the rules of the oceans, rivers, and lakes. Their constant innovative survival strategies keep our planet alive. The green of plants helps us to maintain hope in this process. In this theme world you will find a beautiful fair isle pullover in the most fabulous colours. Feather-light yarns and yarns with a subtle sheen are also used. It is only when the temperatures drop below zero and we become aware of the beauty of interdependence that we realise the message of the violet colour palette.

Winter Dopamine

When the blanket of clouds covers the city at sunset, bundling the last light of the day, we fill our bodies with the splendour of colour. The light slowly fades away… Pale and dusty pinks take turns. The deep pink colour of the sunset embraces a rich, warm yellowish colour of the afternoon. The soothing crimson red fills our hearts. Cashmere, Alpaca, and other yarns with an exciting, light tweed effect are present, as well as soft, warm merino wool. We give the darkest season, the energy of life, to hibernate.