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Knitting Details Start to Finish by Ulla Engquist

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Knitting is a fun, relaxing hobby—until you meet the devil in the details! What kind of cast-on should you use—firm and stable, or flexible and stretchy? Will your edge stitches be hidden by seams or bands, or is the evenness of your cuffs at stake? Are you ever going to be able to figure out how to attach this sleeve without any funny bumps popping up at the shoulder? Knitting Details from Start to Finish answers the questions you never even knew you needed to ask. Discover the ease of planning your projects before you begin to save you headaches later; learn tips and tricks to help you fix small errors and mistakes during finishing; try out a variety of cast-on and bind-off techniques, edgings, and finishing strategies. With clear illustrations, full-color photographs of sample swatches, and a detailed table of contents to help you find exactly what you're looking for, this book is sure to become an essential part of any knitter's library. Be curious and dare to challenge yourself—with The Handbook at your side.

Author Ulla Engquist

Format: Hardcover

Total Page Count: 144

Illustrations: 150 color photos, 55 diagrams

ISBN: 978 1 57076 783 8

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