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Lang Fatto A Mano #274 Collection

by Berroco
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A collection of 70 knitting patterns featuring Lang Yarns.

Timeless Journey:

LANGYARNS offers an offbeat styling to provide newness in a period of change. Timeless journey is about timeless womenswear – well designed styles that offer long-lasting appeal. Our focus lies on high quality and state-of-the-art yarns and designs, based on the latest fashion trends. We invite you to go on a long-awaited journey with us to relive the eighties. With this theme world, we bring you into ecstasy. Let yourself be carried away… This is where you will rediscover our classics, but also some fantastic and fabulous new designs. We have made a selections of our personal and finest favorite colors, which we are sure will melt your heart. In this color theme, we use the most beautiful natural resources available in our collection: Yak, Cashmere Premium, Merino and Alpaca. In addition, to our wonderful sparkly yarns, a new yarn called Delizia is featured, which, as the name suggests, is truly heavenly divine. Timeless journey consists of true works of knitted art.

Modern Romancer:

Some things we can’t explain, but they can only be felt by the heart. For this color world, we feel nothing but pure love. You no longer have to wonder how a true romantic dresses. We have the answer for you… Cool muted greens and blues are combined with powdery and lovey dovely pinks and just a simple touch of off-white to create a heavenly sphere. Feathery-light designs made from the softest materials we have in our collection. Get acquainted with our latest qualities: Enya and Zen. With these two new classical beauties, you can knit a new love story in no time, as befits a true modern romantic. There is plenty of room for detail, nevertheless we love simplicity. It is cozy knitwear but with a more luxurious sensual look and feel. The path to love begins here…

Layers of Nature:

Layers of nature offers a broad color palette in which all phases of autumn gradually become visible. These colors carry you and make you become one with nature. Colors that seem to fit together like pieces of a puzzle. They create an explosion of sensations. Trees with strong roots, where the leaves have lost their green color, leaves that slowly turn yellow with a rich shiny glow, revealing the sense of the Fall. The fresh autumnal breeze provides a creative impulse. It is the flowing of a river, on a bleak day, that takes the leaves further away... For this color theme, we have used the most luxurious yarns. Yarns with a light gloss optic such as Mohair Luxe. Yarns that embrace luxury. And by using different colors, we also highlight the versatility of different designs. Let’s FALL in love…

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