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June Cashmere DK

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June Cashmere's 100% cashmere fiber is collected directly from Kyrgyz shepherds living on small family farms along the ancient Silk Road amidst the soaring mountains of Central Asia.  June is the Kyrgyz word for animal fiber, which is a centuries old vital resource and essential element of their nomadic lifestyle.
Sy and his team travel village-to-village and house-to-house purchasing cashmere that the shepherds have gently hand-combed from each goat. These personal transactions ensure that top quality fiber is being gathered and that the shepherds receive fair compensation for their elite fiber.
Once gathered, the cashmere fiber is shipped to Great Britain where long-standing,  small, family-owned textile processors clean and spin the fiber into fine knitting yarn. The yarn is dyed in Scotland using exhaustive dyes and water recycling to ensure  highest environmental standards in dye and water usage. The final product is a yarn that is soft, warm, and beautiful, perfect for heirloom baby gifts, handmade wedding gifts, and all manner of hand-knit shawl, scarf, hat, cowl, glove, and sweater projects. 

50 grams of June Cashmere's 100% Kyrgyz organically dyed cashmere yarn. 6-ply DK weight. 26 STS = 4", US Needle 5, 150 yards.

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