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Fiberside Chats: Åsa Tricosa December 11, 2022

Fiberside Chats: Åsa Tricosa December 11, 2022

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Åsa will share her passion for the Ziggurat way of knitting sweaters. She will tempt you to adopt Ziggurating as one splendid way to seamless, well-fitting, tailored garments with absolutely minimal weaving in of ends. Indeed, if you were to knit from a huge skein with yardage enough for a whole sweater, you would have precisely 6 ends to weave in at the end. True fact!

Åsa will point you to the sign posts that let you navigate through any Ziggurat pattern – for example, all increases are colour coded in the same way in every (every) Ziggurat.
There will be opinionated views on how to choose your size correctly, a celebration of the rear (it deserves both attention and room to live), you may be told that a pattern is just a suggestion – that off-piste knitting is not only tolerated but positively encouraged. You will also learn a little about the finer details that add both finesse and pizazz to the quite classic shapes and stitch patterns Åsa likes.

Åsa Söderman Bio
Åsa is a Swedish knitting designer who lives in Denmark with a Danish husband.
She knits with abandon and has knitted her way from Sweden to Denmark via New York and Boston and Singapore, and Sussex – and Germany.
Åsa’s designs are mostly seamless and top down, and she is attracted by unusual solutions and just-so details.

The Ziggurat sweater is her signature. It is a seamless, top down, contiguous or simultaneous-set-in sleeve method, developed and polished since the first Ziggurat saw the light in 2011. It became and remains a passion. 
Åsa is the author of Åsa Tricosa Ziggurats: 16 elegantly seamless Knits  (in its 4th print run).

This is a live Zoom Event on Sunday, December 11th at 1:00pm Eastern, 12:00pm Central, 11:00am Mountain, 10:00am Pacific, 7:00pm CET

This Fiberside Chat will be recorded - a link to the recording will be available for one week and shared with registered attendees only.